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Version 1.22.3
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(changes described below cover mostly game balance issues, these might not be all changes)

v1.22 (2010.04.07)
- amount of available turns to buy reduced
- adverts ingame
- subscription option (no adverts & more messages daily)

Round 3
- some improvements of message system and space inn

Round 2
- many changes (score, prices, new technologies, new buildings, improvements properties)
- attacking foreign/your planet more intuitive (for example dropships needed on foreign planets only)
- buildings require energy.

v1.16.1 (2010.01.08)
- internal code improvements only, you should not see any difference

v1.16 (2010.01.05)
- improved senate interface (recommended to reread politician's course)
- limit of 60 researchable technologies (this is not really a limit yet since at the moment there are less than 60 technologies total)
- new technology
- galaxy wide events daily (affect population, research, etc)
- Xilaxan technologies excavation (check Xilaxan planet)
- newspaper on Overview page (shown only if there are new things to report)
- locate player on attack page (advanced interface)

v1.15 (2009.12.17)
- Imperial Senate gives out death stars to alliances
- improved Planetary Senates & Planetary Government (flavor only, no gameplay effect)
- admiral and general cap raised to 100
- new technologies
- improved HowToPlay page
- combat bonus renamed to warfare, several technologies renamed as well

v1.14 (2009.12.11)
- Imperial & Planetary Senates (does not affect gameplay for now it is for flavor only)
- new attack bonuses connected with wealth
- alliance inn

v1.13 (2009.12.08)
- nukes and massive attack option (available to players with 50+ score and not on starting planet)
- small fixes and changes in experience system

v1.12 (2009.12.03)
- wealth generation redone
- amount of converts lowered
- additional experience during combat for people with low experience

v1.11 (2009.12.02)
- planets to colonize (new tab below Imperial Senate)
- 2 new technologies related to planets
- more icons & info on attack page
- plenty of other minor improvements/fixes

First regular round (2009.11.23)
This round will last for around 60 days.
The game is still young and we will have changes in the middle of the round, but these will be much less affecting gameplay that the huge changes during Beta. This round is considered to be the first fully playable.

Beta round started (2009.10.23)

Test started : Test starts today (2009.07.01), have fun!
For the first 10 days there will be no admin, please use the forum for suggestions and bug reports, I will read them all when I'm back from vacations.